​Alcatel MoveTime: Track & Talk GPS-Enabled.

Smartwatch for Kids Launched at $69 (Roughly Rs. 

• Alcatel MoveTime is priced at $ 69 (Roughly Rs. 4,799).

• It features an SOS button for emergency situations.

• It’s powered by a 370mAh battery.

Alcatel, TCL communication’s mobile brand, on Wednesday

launched a GPS-enabled smartwatch in India which allows kids to

communicate with pre-approved contacts at Rs. 4,799.

The “MoveTime-Track & Talk” smartwatch helps parents stay

connected with their kids while also giving them control over their children’s communication.

Weighing less than 40 gram, the watch comes with a Nucleus

operating system, sports an OLED 0.95-inch single white colour

display and plays nicely with both iOS and Android platforms.

“MoveTime” watch promises talk time up to two hours from the

370mAh pack with a full charge, only taking 1.5 hours.

“The battery has a standby time, lasting up to four days. The

‘MoveTime’ Smart Watch features an SOS button for panic

situations where a distress signal is sent to parents; calls from

strangers are rejected automatically,” the company said in a


“With more than 40 percent of our population below the age of 15,

there is a strong need for safety and tracking wearable devices in

the country. With children today being the digital natives, our

Smart Watch ensures that parents stay connected to their kids

24×7,” said Krishan Kalra, Business Head (E-Commerce) Alcatel.

With this GPS and Wi-Fi enabled smart watch, parents can monitor

location of their children and in case, if they leave the preset area, parents will receive a notification.

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