FAQ! Why do laptops need cooling fans but tablets not?

Basically, Because the processors in laptops work at higher power levels than tablets.  Although laptops need long battery-only durations, the tablet is highly optimized for battery use, and hey, fans draw current too.  There’s also a chicken-and-egg aspect to this because product engineers don’t want to put a fan in the tablet, so they want a processor that’s powerful enough to provide a good experience on the tablet yet doesn’t run so hot that it needs a fan.


Apple has proven that a computer does not need a fan with the 2015 MacBook.

This computer works effortlessly even though it has no fan. As Tim Cook said, “It’s a MacBook built like an iPad”. When under heavy load, it automatically lowers the CPU speed to keep it from overheating.

So why do we need a fan?

The fan’s main purpose is to keep the CPU from overheating. That is really the only reason we need them.

However, an iPad doesn’t need a fan. This is for the simple reason that their CPUs have a different architecture than a computer. These CPUs are more power efficient and lose less energy as “waste heat”.

In the end, Apple has proven a laptop doesn’t need a fan.

Despite this, most computers need fans to keep the CPU from overheating. However, this is not a problem because of the architecture of tablet CPUs.

Hope This Helps!

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