Laptop Buying Tips (In Short)

Well We also have made detailed laptop buying guide:

But these one it’s just the short tips which we think you guys should know!

  • Don’t fall for the i7 or i5 trap. Unless you know you do, you don’t need an i7 or i5 processor. And especially don’t buy a laptop with an i7 processor for under 800$ – they’re either old or crap.

  • You need an SSD. It’s 2017 – you don’t want to use one of those old, slow mechanical HDDs anymore. SSDs make everything significantly faster. They’re the single most important thing to speed up a computer in 99% of the use cases.

  • Get as much RAM as possible if you’re buying a laptop where you can’t upgrade the RAM later (like a MacBook). Laptops with 16GB RAM will still be perfectly usable in five years, while a laptop with only 8 might struggle in a couple of years. But you can upgrade your RAM with most laptops, so don’t worry about that if you’re buying any regular laptop from Lenovo, Dell, Asus and the likes.

  • Take care when you want a DVD/Blu-Ray drive. Many (most?) laptops don’t have them anymore. So better look twice if your desired model comes with an optical drive.

  • Don’t buy a laptop for gaming unless you really need a portable computer for gaming.

Hope This Helps!

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