FAQ! Why doesn’t my PC start when I press the power start button?

Some Of You Visitors, Mailed us about this issue, So We mentioned some possibilities, Hope This Helps!

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Normally, I would say it shut down because it overheated.  You see, there are temperature sensors on the motherboard.  If they detect that the CPU is too hot, the BIOS will automatically shut down the computer to try to prevent damage, and it won’t let you power it back up until the temperature drops to a safe level.

Open your computer’s case.  If there’s any dust, use a can of compressed air to blow it out.  (Dust builds up on surfaces inside the computer and traps heat.)  Make sure all your fans spin freely.  It’s even plausible, but very unlikely, that a temperature sensors has malfunctioned and is reading “hot” all the time.

The second thing that comes to mind… most motherboards (and some video cards) actually have a tiny light on them that indicates that they’re getting power.  If you have something like that, and they’re not lighting up, your power supply might have died.  Or if you press the power button and the fans don’t even spin, that can be an indication of a failed power supply (or a short on the motherboard).

Anyway, that’s the two most likely culprits.  Either your computer shut down because of overheating, or the power supply failed.

The problem could be with the power supply. If nothing else fixes the problem, consider replacing that. Desktop power supplies are usually cheap and easy to replace yourself.

Hope This Helps!

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