Is Apple going to discontinue the MacBook Air?

Lots Of You Guys, Ask Us Questions about Macbook Air, About it’s performance, About it’s Battery life, And also about its Discontinuation of Macbook by Apple!

Well Yes.

The Air stands out as the only non-retina screen in their line-up.  The replacement device is clearly the new MacBook.   The Air is sitting on death-row, waiting for the priest.

The 11.6-inch MacBook Air is already off store shelves and online on its official website. The Cupertino tech giant currently only sells the 13.3-inch model in the US with two variants being listed on its online store. But with a 16 percent cut, it too may soon get taken down, now that a more powerful 10nm-based iPad Pro is on the horizon.

But Apple is sometimes pragmatic. The MacBook is both expensive and full of design compromises. So it’s sensible to keep the Air in the line up for a year or two until the MacBook is fully baked.

This is not a reprive from the governor, just a postponement. 

Hope This Helps!

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