FAQ! Why do people get MacBooks when they could get a cheaper, and more powerful, Windows laptop?

A trackpad that you can actually use…


Most windows laptops I have used, had barely usable trackpads. Some HP laptops even had a dedicated LED next to them that indicated a failure of the drivers! And those weren’t even cheap or very powerful.


MacBooks are very durable.

Every time Apple release a new product, they put up videos on their website showing it being made with high-tech machinery (and they’ve generally bought up the entire world’s supply of that machinery for the next few years to make it), all while design boffin Jony Ive describes it using lots of emotional words.

This isn’t just for show.  They’re fanatical about design, build, fit-and-finish.  I’ve used their laptops since the days when they – and nearly everything else – were built on a magnesium chassis with a plastic shell. Machining a laptop out of a solid block of aluminum (or, as Ive calls it, aluminium) delivers so much more structural rigidity.  I don’t worry about the front corners of a MacBook Air or Pro running into things; it will win most arguments.



Some may hate it while others love it. But the simple fact is, if you want or need to use macOS, than you will need Apple hardware to run it in a reliable and secure manner.


Because macOS is UNIX-based, many IT-professionals and developers can use Macs even in traditionally very Mac-hostile environments.


None of my friends who have bought cheap Windows laptops, have been able to keep them running as reliable as my Macs have with as little effort as I have for as long as I have. And none of those machines were very powerful.

Most have even spend an equal amount or more in the same time as I have, because their laptops broke down, needed upgrades or turned out to slow down.

Many of my friends (even some big tech heads who love to tinker with Linux, Unix and Windows) have bought MacBooks for home/personal use.


Do not just buy into the Macs are better story. Use what you want or need!

Macs are not meant for gaming…

If you need or want to use Windows, do so. If you need or want to use Linux, do it.

In the end, a computer is just a tool that is there to help you to achieve what you want to do.

Apple does make excellent hardware though, which is not usually beaten by cheaper brands.

Hope This Helps!

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