FAQ! Why don’t Xiaomi phones have their company name “Xiaomi” printed on them like

Honestly, We A Got this Question Via Our Contact Page A While Ago..

We Thought, Hey, That’s a Good question. Sure deserves a good answer.

Have a Good look at this beauty. The iPhone 8 Plus .

Looks Nice doesn’t it ?

Notice something ?

Apple is perhaps the worlds most valuable brand and they don’t print their company’s name on their most important product. They believe that just the minimal Apple logo is enough to remind people who runs things around here.

Now here is the Xiaomi Mi Note 4. This is the phone I use. Doesn’t look as good at the one above but still not bad considering you could pick one up for 1/7 th the cost.

The Design of the back is similar to the iPhone. Instead of the Apple Logo you get the Mi logo. And No, mi is not the series name. Its their Brand Logo. Everything they make carries the MI tag.

In Short.

The “MI” logo is for Xiaomi what the “one bite off Apple logo” is for Apple.

Hope This Helps!

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