More RAM Vs Better Ram? The Big Confusion?

The answer depends on the laptop, and how you intend to use them.

RAM speed is very low in the list of bottlenecks you have in a system, regardless of what you are doing.

For the gaming laptop, 8gb of ram is probably as much as you’ll need. As for faster ram, this depends on what the laptop can support. If it has 2 ram slots, with only one occupied, you could take advantage of dual channel ram, doubling the bandwidth, and by extension speed, by putting in an identical capacity/speed stick. Otherwise, you’ll have to find out what speed the maximum speed the laptop can accept is. If its current ram is lower than that speed, you can buy faster ram.

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If you are doing a bit more advanced designing, photo or video editing etc, with applications that are pushing your RAM utilization to 70+ % of the available RAM, you sh should consider upgrading the capacity. With these programs, the bottleneck is again almost never the RAM speed, but the RAM capacity can be an issue and can severily hurt performance or even cause instability of the system if you start running it close to 100% RAM utilization.

Upgrades for an “ancient” laptop are much harder to figure out without more any details. 4gb should be fine if all you’re trying to do is browse the web with a few tabs and minimal background processes. Depending on the laptops capabilities, faster ram may or may not be worthwhile.

The tricky part:

If you want more ram, you’ll first need to find out how many ram slots the laptop has, and what kind of ram it uses. In some cases, the ram might be soldered on, in which case you won’t be able to upgrade. If it uses DDR2 ram but only has 1 slot, the maximum it can have is 4gb. 2 slots and it can have up to 8gb. For DDR3, the max it can use is 8gb in 1 slot and 16gb in 2.

However, if the operating system running on the laptop is 32 bit, it won’t be able to use any more than 3.5gb of ram. You’ll need a 64 bit OS if you want to use more than that. If you want to upgrade to a 64 bit OS, you’ll first need to find out if the CPU is 64 bit. If not, you can’t upgrade.

Hope This Helps!

We’re Also Gonna Make A Post On DDR3 VS DDR4 RAM, So If You Guys Have Any Question Let Us Know Via Comments  Section Below!

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