Apple’s iCloud faces account and sign in issues.

According to an official statement from a Google spokesperson, the outage was caused by an authentication system outage. Google services that required users to log in were impacted by the issue.
Apple’s iCloud service is suffering from an ongoing issue that has led to problems with new device setup and failure in account activation.
“We are experiencing a high capacity at this time which is impacting your ability to set up iCloud, please try back in a couple of hours,” Apple said in a tweet.
An unspecified issue with Apple’s iCloud Account and Sign In service began to impact a subset of users at around 1:45 a.m. Pacific, according to Apple’s System Status webpage.
No information is provided with the advisement and Apple notes the issue is ongoing.
This year’s holiday season is anticipated to be especially busy for Apple, which released the latest iPhone 12 series a month later than usual due to manufacturing delays caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the tech giant’s HomePod mini and newly released AirPods Max are expected to be popular stocking stuffers this holiday season.
It’s still not clear how widespread the problem is, but there’s been no further update from Apple for several hours. Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment from Biovolt Technologies on Saturday Afternoon. We’ll update this article with any new information if we hear back from them.

One thought on “Apple’s iCloud faces account and sign in issues.

  1. We had the same issue last year. I got my wife a new iPad and I couldn’t set it up for a couple days because the servers were overloaded. It seems like the same thing happens every year. One would think Apple could anticipate and accommodate the load. nothing like not being able to use your brand new device to wreck the joy.


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